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The GIS Solution for the Utility Industry  
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 for Utilities

  " The GIS solution for the utility industry "

Utilities need powerful tools to get the job done on-time
and on-budget to succeed in this ever-evolving industry.

Fusion GIS® software is a " fusion " of:

 industry experience and new GIS technologies

 true integration of GIS and CAD based applications

Fusion GIS on a
Toughbook notebook

        In the words of our clients, here’s why Fusion GIS is " the GIS solution " :


    “gives us the tools that we need to get the job done”

The software provides you with efficient industry-specific tools
that were built based on 15 years of experience serving the needs of utilities.

Available tools cover a wide range: from staking design and work management,
to outage handling and analysis, through engineering calculations and planning.
    “starts working for you right out of the box”

Developed using .NET technology, the software is easy to install and maintain.

The out-of-the-box approach means utilities save time and money because
complicated customization is not required.  Compare Fusion GIS to what's
available in the market today - Fusion GIS is a revolutionary cost-effective solution.

Ready-to-use templates can be configured to suit your standards, styles,
and procedures so everyone can start working with the system from day one.
  “runs on top of multiple interfaces – simultaneously!”

Choose whichever industry-standard interface suits your needs :
Autodesk AutoCAD or ESRI ArcGIS or Adobe SVG or other supported interfaces

Staff that are accustomed to CAD can use the GIS system without
having to spend time learning how to use GIS interfaces.

Individual users can use different interfaces and run them SIMULTANEOUSLY
  “provides strong links to the rest of our systems”

The software allows for strong interoperability with other systems, providing
two-way data sharing with other applications such as Billing systems
and Engineering Analysis programs.

Supports the MultiSpeak standard for open communication with other systems.
      “adds value by saving us time and money”

Cost-effective way to provide your people with time-saving tools.

Leverages the value that already exists at your utility :

   ●  lets your staff work with industry-standard interfaces that they already
      know how to use, but gives them access to new GIS technologies

   ●  by moving your existing paper maps or digital data into a standardized
      framework, you can take advantage of the “inherent value” of your data
Learn more about Fusion GIS : Concept Chart
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